08 March 2007

Terjemahan 3 Sajak Ook Nugroho

Time melting

Time melting once again
The room resumes my name
You a mere shadow
Obscured across the weather

We must talk
You say, at the threshold of words
But language seems
A mere wall

Towering divide between us
Time keeps on melting
The room still wearing my name
You I know not who, nor where


I have left you an empty plot
right here. Please enter and select any corner
that you like. Perhaps you’d feel good

near a comma, a foggy niche
before a period becomes dotted. Or you
may as well play with a number

of question marks. Whichever; but
I certainly won’t suggest you coiling near the title—
it’s a deception. You know it, don’t you?

To Whom I am Talking

I will never know
Whom these words
Will ever reach finally
I have of course not written
Them for the sake of nothing
You are the one I’ve aimed
But who actually are you
Do we not know each other
Do I not have your address
In the shrubs of my memories
Eventually beyond this poem
Is the world of orange dusk
Where you may then be
In a city far away anywhere
While it'll remain unconfirmed
As to whom I am talking

(Sumber : Kompas, 4 Februari 2007 - Terjemahan : TQ)

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